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What we do

We believe in direct action solidarity. That could mean pickets or occupations, or organising with your co-workers. We also believe in collective action – that we are stronger when we stand together.

As anarcho-syndicalists, we are engaged in a wide range of workplace and community struggles, some very immediate and others more long term.

These include:

  • Workplace organising – on issues from pay to working hours to working practices and conditions.
  • Community organising – from public services to housing to the environment.
  • Strike and occupation solidarity – staffing picket lines, raising funds and bringing in supplies.
  • Worker support – organising demonstrations, pickets and direct action in support of individual victimised workers.
  • Networking with other militant workers – for example through the National Shop Stewards Network and the Education Workers’ Network.
  • Organising public meetings – on the economy, war, climate change and other issues that affect the working class.
  • Distributing information and ideas – from regular free-sheets and magazines to one-off leaflets, spreading the ideas of solidarity, direct action and self-organisation.

We do this in our free time and we’ll help you out for free… so why would we do this? We are not a service provider – we can’t provide professional legal advice, and we can’t solve your problems for you. We are not a top-down trade union or political party.  What we are is fellow workers who are sick of being screwed around ourselves and want to do something about it. What we can do is share experience, information, and support in methods which have proven effective previously.

This is solidarity, not charity. That means that if we help you with a problem, we may get in touch to ask you to help someone else – supporting other peoples struggles, perhaps helping someone in a similar situation to yourself. Obviously the choice whether you do or not is up to you, but our goal is more than just helping individuals.

We want to build a culture of solidarity amongst ordinary people, so that when bosses or landlords or letting agents mess with one of us, they’re messing with all of us. It’s time to stand up to Liverpool’s bosses and bureaucrats, landlords and letting agents.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

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