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End of year report

January 1, 2011

Well comrades, it’s been a busy old year for us: protests, rank-and-file trade unionism, new members, picket lines, class-based anti-fascism, Barcelona for the general strike, street stalls, lots of local newsletters and advice leaflets printed (e.g. Beat the Bailiffs), sorted our new banner, debates, solidarity actions in support of IWA comrades victimised by the state, held meetings, anti-election stuff, keeping the flame of anarcho-syndicalism and working-class self-organisation burning, all done on our own initiative, without ‘leaders’ or bureaucrats, on a shoestring budget and squeezed into the little gap between having a social life and the awkward shift patterns most of us work. As Orwell wrote, if there is hope, it lies in the proles. The struggle continues! All the best and have a revolutionary new year!

– Liverpool SF-IWA


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