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General strike 2010 – Barcelona

October 1, 2010

Two members of Liverpool Solfed went to Barcelona to experience the general strike and show solidarity. Below are some pictures and videos.


During our stay in Barcelona we visited the Banesto building on Plaça de Catalunya which had been occupied for several days by anti-capitalists. They used the derelict space to celebrate resistance, as well as freely exchange information and radical ideas. However the building was later brutally repossessed by riot police.

On the day of the general strike, we joined a lively demonstration of several thousand organized by our sister organisation, the CNT, who put forward a much more militant message of resistance compared to that of the reformist trade unions.

While a one-day general strike is unlikely to the halt the Zapatero government’s attacks on working people, it will hopefully prove to have been an important staging post for the long struggle ahead.»

Read more about the CNT (in English) here.


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