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Court victory for FAU-B

June 11, 2010

The FAU-B has won in its legal struggle to be recognised as a trade union.

In December 2009, the Berlin local of the FAU (Frei Arbeiterinnen Und Arbeiter Union / Free Workers Union), was effectively prohibited by the German courts. Germany’s restrictive rules mean that any organisation not recognised as a union by the courts cannot legally act as such. In effect, this gives a monopoly to the DGB (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund / Confederation of German Trade Unions) over industrial disputes.

However, after months of campaigning, and solidarity actions across the globe, the FAU-B has won the right to call itself (and so operate as) a trade union.

This means that it can get back to organising workers in Babylon cinema, where it had taken the lead in a heated and high-profile dispute with the bosses. It was a much weaker DGB union, sidelined by the FAU-B’s committed action, which helped management prohibit the effective union from operating.

Lars Röhm, General Secretary of the FAU Berlin, said “We are happy that they have failed to banish the strongest and most active trade union in the movies. The ruling allows militant unions to be active.”

The Liverpool Solidarity Federation extends congratulations to our comrades in Berlin and wishes them well in their coming struggles.

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