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May Day report

May 1, 2010

Members of Liverpool Solidarity Federation attended the city’s first May Day Festival in the grounds of St Luke’s (aka The Bombed-out Church) for a fantastic celebration of working-class struggle. Along with our own stall, groups including Anarchist Federation, Liverpool Anti-fascists and Workers’ Liberty were also present.

As well as live music, vegan food and speeches from rank-and-file trade unionists, there was plenty of comradely debate and discussion, not to mention an impressive turn-out from members of the public. All credit to the organisers for putting together such a great event.

We welcomed two new members to our local group, handed out plenty of copies of our free newspaper Catalyst and raised a good few quid for our fighting fund from sales of CDs, magazines, pamphlets and books. Leaflets were also distributed to publicise The Other Campaign – a radical, working-class response to the general election and the mediocre pantomime of party politics.

The festival was a grassroots event, so there was no party political campaigning or speeches by well-paid trade union bureaucrats, just ordinary people having a good time and celebrating the history and culture of their class. The only downside is we’ll have to wait a whole year for the next one…

Solidarity and May Day greetings to our comrades throughout the UK and around the world!

Read this year’s May Day message from the International Workers’ Association here.


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