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Family pays tribute to Liverpool construction worker who died on London Olympics site

April 30, 2010

THE FAMILY of a Liverpool construction worker who was killed while on an Olympic building site today described their heartache at losing him.

Shaun Scurry, 39, died on December 9 last year after being trapped between a steel beam and an industrial lift at the Westfield Olympics shopping centre site, in Stratford, east London.

He was working for Merseyside firm Firesafe Installations at the time, whose head office is in Knowsley.

Shaun’s Kirkby-based family made the emotional trip to the site to join in a commemorative march for workers’ memorial day on Wednesday .

Shaun’s parents, his son Shaun, 22, and his youngest brother, Eddie, all attended the rally, organised by the Construction Safety Campaign.

His twin sister Tracy, 39, told the ECHO: “There were quite a lot of people there. A few of Shaun’s workmates came over to my mum and dad and spoke to them. They said they still can’t believe what had happened.”

Mary Scurry, Shaun’s mum, told the ECHO: “It was just before Christmas. I was in bits when I found out. It wasn’t much of a Christmas for us.

“He started work on the Monday and he had the accident on the Wednesday.

“He didn’t used to work away, but because he couldn’t find a job in Liverpool he had to go down to London.

“We had to spend a week down in hospital because he was on a life support machine.”

Around 100 of Shaun’s former colleagues downed tools to remember him and 58-year-old Henry Sheridan, who was from Luton, who died on a building site in December, 2008.

Both Firesafe and the Health and Safety Executive are investigating Shaun’s death.

A spokesman for Firesafe Installations, said: “Shaun Scurry’s employer, Firesafe Installations Ltd, and all his colleagues were shocked by the accident and injuries he sustained on December 9 when working on the Westfield Stratford City construction site, and are now deeply saddened to learn of his death. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Source: Liverpool Echo

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