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Wildcat strike in Diyarbakır ends with victory

April 25, 2010

Turkish brick workers show that direct action works as they win pay increase

Brick workers in several factories in Diyarbakır (the biggest city in the southeast Kurdish region of Turkey) went on a wildcat strike in a dispute over wages.

Working for a fixed wage for 4 years (around 350 euros and 16 hours of work in a day) without any pay rise, workers of the 11 brick factories in the city went on an unofficial strike on 16 April. It seems that the strike expanded “spontaeously”.

Negotiations between workers’ delegates and bosses under the supervision of jandarme general ended when the bosses proposed a 7.5% wage increase. The workers threatened to march towards the governorship 19 April if their demands were not met. Apparently after getting a 28% increase workers went back to work on April 21.

Source: LibCom

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