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Nope to the Pope

April 25, 2010

Members of Liverpool Solidarity Federation leafletted on Sunday (April 25th 2010) outside the Metropolitan cathedral. Our message was straightforward:

– no public funding for the pope’s UK visit in September.
– solidarity with the victims of clerical rape/abuse.

While most people accepted our leaflets politely, some worshippers were clearly offended by us drawing attention to issues they would prefer to be swept under the carpet. Yet ‘silence of the lambs’ pretty much sums up the reaction of the Catholic flock to the latest scandals involving priests and church bureaucrats.

Download a copy of our leaflet here.

This is just the start. In March, campaign groups held a protest in London opposing the papal visit. In the months leading up to the Pope’s visit, we hope to join with local atheists and humanists in staging protests highlighting the total moral bankruptcy of the Catholic hierarchy and opposing the use of tax-payers money to fund Ratzinger’s visit.

Email for more info.

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